Triple-S. Selection Shooting Standards


Before beginning the Triple-S, load a magazine with 6 rounds in your pistol and chamber a round. Holster your pistol making sure that it is secure and will not fall out when performing your push-ups. Then load a magazine with 6 rounds in your rifle and chamber a round. Ensure that your rifle safety selector is in the SAFE position and place your rifle on the ground at the 6-yard line from the target pointed down range. Your pistol and rifle will now have 5 rounds in the magazine and 1 round in the chamber. It is recommended that you have someone to assist with time keeping and filming your Triple-S. Timekeeper should have a stopwatch or countdown timer and a firearm shot timer. Shot timers can be purchased through online retailers. When used effectively, shot timers can be a key investment to enhancing your shooting skills. Cheaper less accurate timers can also be downloaded as an app on your smart phone. A third person to assist will make timekeeping even easier.

1. On the timekeeper’s signal...

Perform 24 push-ups, don rifle, assume a low or high ready position, and give a ready signal to the timekeeper to start the shot timer, ALL within 24 seconds. To keep a constant standard across all shooter, an acceptable push-up is when the upper arm is parallel to the ground. An acceptable low or high ready position is when the rifle barrel is at 45-degrees from the target. The 24-second timer will continue to run until the shooter gives a ready signal to the timekeeper. Timekeeper will announce “TIME” if shooter has gone beyond the 24-second time allotted to perform push-ups, don rifle, and assume ready position.

2. Immediately after the shooter gives a ready signal...

timekeeper will activate the shot timer signal (beep). On start signal (beep), shooter will deal 6 shots with the rifle to the 6 of Crests (top left card).

3. Shooter will then transition to pistol...

And deal 6 shots with the pistol to the 6 of D.O.Z.E. (top right card).

4. Shooter will then perform a slide lock reload with the pistol...

Then deal 6 shots with the pistol to the 6 of Skulls (bottom left card).

5. Shooter will then re-holster the pistol...

Recover rifle, and perform a bolt lock reload.

6. Shooter will then deal 6 shots with rifle

To the 6 of O.M.S.F.T.F. (bottom right card).

All targets will be engaged from 6 yards and all shots must be dealt within 24 seconds. After shooter has performed the Triple-S, timekeeper must show the shot timer score to the camera with a proper shot count for validation and show hits on target. ZERT. members must first be qualified in the N.S.S. and N.S.S. IW in order to earn a Selection Shooting Standards tab. Members that earn all three patches and are triple stacked will be selected to D Troop and will also be awarded a D at the end of their call sign. Example: XP001D.

Triple-s Frequently Asked Questions

What is the distance?

6 yards

What is a vaild push-up?

When the upper arm is parallel to the ground to full arm extension.

So I have 48 seconds to complete the Triple-S?

No. There are two sets of 24 seconds. The first to complete push-ups, and the second to complete the shooting. Once you have assumed your choice of ready positions and give the timekeeper a ready command then 24 second timer stops, then the shot timer begins. Finishing early on the push-ups does not give you more time on the shooting. Conversely, you cannot borrow time from the shooting portion to let you finish your push-ups in time. Not giving a ready signal in time is a FAIL. Not shooting the drill in time is a FAIL.

Can I do squats or something else instead of push-ups?

No. Selection is not for everyone. There are standards in order to become part of an elite group. There are standards in order to be in D Troop. You must work hard, push your limits, and go beyond your comfort zone.

Does each shot have to hit each icon on the card?

No. Each shot must hit within the card itself. A shot that breaks the outer edge of the card scores as a hit.

Can I make my own target at home and what are the dimensions?

Yes, but it will not count towards earning the Triple-S.

Why does my homemade target not count towards the Triple-S?

The Triple-S target was designed to distract your sight picture while being pressured by physical exertion and time. A simple cardboard target will not induce the same effect.

Where do I send my Triple-S video?

Right here

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