Private and Corporate Training

Private instruction is the most effective way to train.

ZERT Private Training Events

Whether it’s one on one instruction or a small group of friends, private classes allow for a smaller instructor to student ratio, for more individualized attention, and better range time management. Instructors also prefer private courses of instruction because it allows them to fully express their passion for training and fully share their knowledge to students. Students see a greater increase in their skill level through private instruction as well. Private instruction allows the instructor to go deeper into subject matter than they could normally in a traditional class. It is the most efficient and cost effective way to sharpen your skills.

Private Class Options:

  • Performance Pistol
  • CQC Weapons Development (Rifle & Pistol)
  • Intermediate Range Rifle
  • Long Range Rifle
  • Close Quarters Battle (CQB)
  • Home Defense
  • Family Protection Planning
  • CCW First Responder (Pistol & Medical)
  • ZERT National Shooting Standards
  • Competition Skill Builderr
  • Vehicle Tactics
  • Land Navigation

Course Curriculum

Course curriculum can be tailored to specific needs based on special requests. We recommend no more than six (6) students per class. Individualized one-person classes are also available. 

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