Earned Patches

Some Patches cannot be purchased but must be earned…

Zert Nation Earned Patch

ZERTS National Shooting Standards Patch

N.S.S. National Shooting Standards Challenge

National Shooting Standards Challenge was designed by XP001 to provide uniform shooting standards for members around the globe. It allows beginners and advanced shooters to build and challenge their skill set with a rifle and/or a pistol on a indoor or outdoor range! Learn more about the N.S.S. Challenge.

ZERTS Triple-S Patch

Triple-S. Selection Shooting Standards

For those ZERT members who have successfully completed the National Shooting Standards – N.S.S. & are Irregular Warfare Qualified. Comes your next challenge Successful completion will not come easily. Learn more about the Triple-S.

I.W. Irregular Warfare

Shoot the N.S.S. clean with a rifle and gas mask at 15 yards to earn your “Irregular Warfare” Tab!

Communications Task Force Tabs

For those ZERT members who have successfully made contact with the ZERT HF Net and have been verified by our Admins will earn tabs based on their license level.

If you have your Technician License you will earn the Technician Tab.

If you have your General License you will earn your Technician & General Tab

If you have your Extra License you will earn your Technician, General and Extra Tab

If you have not made contact with the ZERT HF Net, but have a HAM License then you are approved to purchase the Communications Task Force Patch.

Learn more about the Divisions of ZERT.

ZERT Communications Task Force Patch
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