New Zert Student?

Here are some recommendations you should follow before arriving to class. These simple tasks will help you become more efficient with your range time and allow you to focus more on your skills rather than digging through your range bag or fumbling with equipment.

First time taking a ZERT training course?

ZERT courses are developed for the beginner to advance shooter. We keep our instructor to participant ratio low so we can keep things at your pace based on your skill level to ensure a safe and fun environment. Regardless of skill set the shooter will get a fire hose full of information, even the advanced shooters will have their skills challenged and fine-tuned.

Sight-in systems

Use the battle zero of your choice and understand its ballistics. Make sure your scope mounts are tight (Loctite blue) and use a paint pen to mark the fastener in its proper alignment.

Clean and lubricate

Neglecting such a simple task can create havoc when you’re trying to learn new skills on the range.

Function check

Check that the safety is working properly and the weapon cycles the way it was designed. Dry fire it in a safe direction with pencil inserted (pistols only) in the barrel with the eraser towards the firing pin. The pencil should shoot out of the barrel.


The more the better. Reloading magazines wastes time on the range. Saving time leads to more shooting which leads to more training which leads to better skills.

Replace batteries

Pre-fit all your equipment. Try on all your gear before class. Don’t waste time readjusting plate carrier straps, pouches, holster height or tension or sling lengths. Once the shooting begins we can fine tune as needed.


The last thing you want is to have to sit out because you did not drink water. Bring coolers with ice, frozen water jugs, Camelbaks or whatever you need to stay hydrated.

Snacks are great

Protein bars, granola bars, beef jerky or foot long subs. It will likely be a long hot day so the extra calories will give you a good energy boost to get you through the day.

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