Hit Team PVC Patch-Multi Cam


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ZERT Ground Support Regiment - AKA “Z.H.T.’s” or ZERT Hit Teams.
Know as a program called “Prometheus”, ZERTs Contract Paramilitary Group.

ZERTs’ primary missions under D.O.Z.E. is to recover vital resources and eradicate the infected to restore society as it was before the outbreak. There have been instances where ZERT Tier 1 unit’s have been engaged in questionable acts against Nomadic insurgents on U.S. soil...

D.O.Z.E. has hired a contract security and intelligence firm called Red Mountain Security Group to send out “ Specialized Counter Intelligence and Nomadic Insurgent Hit Teams” or ZHT’s to “ Cleanse” ZERTs area of operations of marauders or any type of “ living colony” that will disrupt ZERTs operations to bring back a civil society.

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