Executive Protection Admin Bag


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The Executive Protection Admin Bag is both light a tough and made by Chase Tactical

This Executive Protection Admin Bag was designed by Aaron Mauldin with over 16 years of Executive Protection experience put into the design. Most bags that were on the market were either too tactical or did not fit the admin role for the AIC (Agent in Charge) to service the principal administratively.

The sling design allows the individual to sling the bag to the front of the body for easy access to the internal compartments, also without having to remove the bag from the body when entering a vehicle.

This is a multi-functional admin bag and can be used for the following :
  • Emergency response: Will hold an HK MP7, HK MP5K & other 7inch short barrel weapon systems with folding or telescopic stocks
  • Medical/ trauma bag: The internal female velcro can allow you to attach multiple med pouches or bleeding control kits for distribution in a mass trauma situation. The sling bag will enable you to treat an individual without having to remove the bag from the body
  • Administrative: The primary purpose of the design is to hold everything you need to service your principal
  • Survival: You can pack this bag as a 48hour bug out and store it in at your office or inside your vehicle
  • Has a sleeve that will fit a 10X12 soft armor or hard ballistic plate.
  • Female velcro inside to attach velcro pouches.
  • BERRY Compliant
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