ZERT Pistol Skill Builder – July 29th, 2023 – Autryville, NC


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The goal of the ZERT Weapons Training program is to train and educate ZERT members to become proficient in the rapid and effective deployment of firearms for the purposes of personal defense, home defense, and defense of others in situations that warrant the justifiable use of deadly force. ZERT members will be conditioned to enhance their combat mindset as they continue to build their firearms proficiency and increase their skill levels through a series of courses that become progressively more difficult and challenging as they advance.

This course will cover an in-depth explanation of Combat Shooting vs. Target Shooting. Combat Pistol I is the first step towards being 100% proficient with a pistol in any environment. Our key focus is to give the student the skill set and ability to confidently defend one’s own life or the safety of others without hesitation our doubt.

In this course we will cover:
• Weapons safety
• Holstering and drawing
• Speed reloads
• Trigger control and follow-through
• Recoil management
• Acquiring the target under stress
• Accurately engaging the target under stress
• Natural point of aim
• Working space and ready position
• Standard shooting positions
• Clearing malfunctions
• Introduction to basic movement

Pistol Skill Builder Course Outline

Course Length: 8 hours

Required Student Gear:
- Pistol
- 400 Rounds of ammunition
- Belt
- Holster
- (3) magazines (minimum)
- Magazine Pouch(es)
- Hearing Protection
- Eye Protection
- Closed Toe Shoes (NO SANDALS)
- Folding chair
- Weather-Appropriate Clothing (Shirts must be tucked in)
- Hat & Sunblock

Range Name & Location:  The Range Complex -  2850 TigerSwan Dr. Autryville, NC 28318

Time:  8a - 4p

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