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ZERT Instructors

ZERT’s Instructor Cadre is made up of current/former Special Operations Instructors (with a minimum of 7 years SOF experience) who use their vast knowledge and ‘real world’ experience to teach civilian members.

Mr. Wolf

Mr. Wolf

Mr. Wolf served for more than twenty years in the United States Army Special Forces including time in a special mission unit. He has multiple tours overseas in the Global War on Terror and an extensive background in Military Free-Fall Operations.

Mr. White

Mr. White

Mr. White served for twenty years in the United States Marine Corps. During the last fifteen years of his military career he served as a Counter intelligence/HUMINT officer. He spent over four years attached to the Naval Special Warfare community. He is a graduate of “Level C” Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) School and teaches wilderness survival and self-reliance.

Mr. Black

Mr. Black is a former United States Army Special Forces CQB Instructor with over fifteen years of Special Operations experience.


“Chief” has served for over eighteen years in the Army Special Forces. During the last three years he has served as the Detachment Commander for his ODA. He deployed in 2002 for Operation Enduring Freedom and has traveled extensively with operations supporting Foreign Internal Defense.

Mr Romero

Mr. Romero

Mr. Romero served for 4 years with SEAL Team 5. He has spent the last 10 years working for The US State Department in Iraq and Afghanistan, currently he runs Anti-Piracy Missions off the coast of Somalia.

Mr. S

Mr.S has served 17 years in US Army Special Operations with 10 deployments in multiple theaters during the Global War on Terror.

Z.E.R.T. Instructor Chuck

ZERT Instructor Chuck

Served 20 years of in the Army. Chuck served successfully as the Senior Non-Commissioned Officer for the Special Forces “A” team for total of 12 years, in both the 3rd & 7th Special Forces Group. He provided training, equipment and advisory services to both U.S. and host nation Military/government agencies.

Mr Chico

Mr. Chico

“Mr. Chico” has nearly a decade of Emergency Search, Rescue and Recovery Operations based in Mountain, Urban, Desert and Swift-Water environments. He is a certified Swiftwater, rope rescue and medical instructor. Chico is also DPS Helo certified for Air Rescue ops and is 1 of only 30 SARTECH1 Lead Evaluators in the world. Mr. Chico currently volunteers with several Southwestern SAR agencies in addition to responding nationally with Government and private agencies.

Instructor Glen

ZERT Instructor Glen

Served seven years in the Marine Corps infantry. He transferred over and served 5 years with Army Special Forces working in Counter Intelligence/Human Intelligence with deployments to Iraq and various countries in Southeast Asia. Instructor Glen currently has spent the last ten years working as a contractor in operations for Naval Reactors and DOE/Homeland Security-Defense Systems.

Z.E.R.T. Instructor Chuck

ZERT Instructor Ron

Served 25 years in the Army, 23 years as a Green Beret. Ron has extensive experience in austere environments training and advising local nationals in offensive and defensive operations, nation-building and disaster readiness. Ron has a concentration in Counter Intelligence/Human Intelligence, Surveillance, and Surveillance detection, Counter abduction and Escaping from captivity. As a Green Beret Ron worked in Central Asia, Central and South America and the Caribbean Islands.

Z.E.R.T. Instructor Chuck

ZERT Instructor Mr. Meeks

Mr. Meeks is a 20 year US Army Special Operations combat veteran having served with the 75th Ranger Regiment and various special operations units throughout his career. His training background as a student and as an instructor is extensive.

Mr. Meeks has deployed with, led, and trained close protection teams around the world and has conducted high-risk PSD operations in protection of foreign dignitaries in Afghanistan and Iraq."

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ZERT Med / SERE Plasma Bag / EP Admin Bag / Soft Armor UPDATE!

ZERT Med/SERE Plasma Bag /EP Admin Bag /Soft Armor UPDATE!

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