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ZERT Newsletter: Oklahoma Troop & 9th Year Memberships.: ALCON 0002

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Greetings, fellow survivors!

Happy to see that so many of you are signing up for another year of Z.E.R.T. There is strength in numbers!

Shout outs and thanks to all of you, from our amazing Year 9 members to new Year 1 members – and everyone in between.


Are you ready for even more from Z.E.R.T.?
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More online training for members
Considerations of shotgun

Z.E.R.T. Nation has been creating more great online training so members are prepared to survive.

Consider the shotgun, for example. We’ve got some great stuff lined up for you in a new series,  Considerations of Shotgun. If you’re not already familiar with the zombie-eradication capabilities of this weapon – and even if you are – we encourage you to watch and learn from one of the best experts around, Chris Skahill. 

Whether you want to improve your skills at the range, learn how to catch enough fish to feed a whole town, or set up the ideal bug-out plan for you and your family—we want you to feel involved, rewarded and ready. Make sure to stay tuned. 

Strange things heard on HAM radios

A nearby radio crackles to life. The volume increases and, at first, you only hear white noise punctuated with crackling and hissing. As you get closer to the device, however, you realize that random words occasionally emerge from the static: “Z.E.RT. Nation”, “we are all that is left”, and, finally, “resistance”. You don’t recognize the voice, but it almost sounds…friendly?


Then, as abruptly as it started, the radio goes silent. You fiddle with the dials, trying to bring the voice back—but nothing works. Maybe, you hope, the signal will find you again.


Click here for a recently recorded snippet .

Z.E.R.T. community news: What’s happening in Oklahoma?

We recently caught up with caught up 6th year member Y15543, a.k.a Jack, to learn more about what Z.E.R.T. members are doing in Oklahoma.


XP001: Jack, you guys in Oklahoma are really active –what kinds of activities is Z.E.R.T. organizing for your local squadron?


Y15543: We’ve run 12 meet-and-greets and 12 range days during the last 12 months – it’s been busy!


Meet and greets have included tactical shotgun speed reloading with dummy rounds, get home bag’s, bug out bags, ham radio, medical, tourniquet placement, wound packing, stop the bleed, chest seal install, and dry fire drills. We’ve also had some special guest trainers. 


Range days have focused on a lot of other skills, including NSS practice, vehicle CQB tactics, knife fighting, move and shoot, communication moving drills, wound drills with tourniquet install and back into the fight, nine hole drills, active shooter drills moving to cover, CQB in a kill house provided by Tulsa Sheriff Department,  mechanical offset drills, Now drills, 1 man recovery and 2 man recovery drills. 


XP001: What motivates you to organize all of these activities? 


Y15543: Back when I was in the service,  we were not provided the kind of training that is available today. So now, what I have learned I like to pass on. With this virus I have learned how prepared I am, and how much more I could learn from other members.  We’d love to have more training from HQ, but you just can’t wait for that to happen. So, I went out and found local trainers to help provide what we, as a team, were looking for.


XP001: I acknowledge the ask for more training from HQ – we are working on this, both online and offline. So, what’s in the pipeline for the rest of 2020?


Y15543: We’ve got plenty of ideas. We’re thinking about a foraging class, a hand to hand combative course, a first-time shooter class for women, a 4x4 recovery event to show proper winching techniques, and a reloading class on a progressive machine.  We’d also like to do a recruitment drive once we can start up again.


Z.E.R.T. is what you make it. Get involved. Don’t wait on someone else. Step up and take charge. I have meet so many talented people through Z.E.R.T., and have learned so much from everyone.  Y15543, signing off.  

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