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ZERT Newsletter: More From Z.E.R.T. ALCON 0001

June 09, 2020

Greetings, Fellow Survivors!

Z.E.R.T. Nation has had its ups and downs over the years. We’ve been through a lot, and we know our members have, too. Nobody ever said responding to the zombie emergency (or to a global pandemic, for that matter…) was going to be easy.

Now that we’ve put the worst behind us and we gear up for our 9th year, we want you all to get ready for even more good things from your Z.E.R.T. membership:

    • More content and training opportunities
    • More survival topics and skills
    • More community news and events
    • More cool Z.E.R.T. products
    • And, yes, more zombies, too!

For all of you card-carrying members in good standing: we want to give you even more reasons to re-up. That’s why our 9th year is going to be our biggest yet. 

For the few of you who haven’t paid your membership dues for a while: yeah, we need to talk. Free rides don’t last forever. But we know times are tough for everyone—that’s why we’re working on some sweet membership deals.

The world needs Z.E.R.T. now more than ever, and there’s always room on the team for more members who want to be prepared when the next time things go south. 


Whether you want to improve your skills at the range, learn how to catch enough fish to feed a whole town, or set up the ideal bug-out plan for you and your family—we want you to feel involved, rewarded and ready. Make sure to stay tuned. 

And speaking of staying tuned, we’ve heard reports of some odd radio dispatches from an unknown Z.E.R.T. faction…keep your ears peeled for more updates in the coming weeks…

New K12 Survival Hack series for Z.E.R.T members

Anyone who cares about survival knows K12. This is one of the guys you want on your list of people to follow. 

Now, Z.E.R.T. has entered an exclusive partnership with K12 to provide Z.E.R.T. members with life-saving hacks in a world without Uber Eats. 

Here’s the first video of a three-part series, where K12 shows you a reliable way to build a fire. 

Are you ready to learn to burn?


Z.E.R.T. Community News: What’s Happening In North Carolina?

The coolest things about Z.E.R.T. is our worldwide community. When the zombie apocalypse comes, we will be ready all over the place. We’re biggest in the U.S., but we’ve got team members in dozens of other countries that are preparing to keep the Zs at bay every day.

One of our most active squadrons is in North Carolina. That’s why we reached out to Z16426 (a.k.a. Ken), who along with co-admins Marcus and Joel have organized a wide range of activities for members in the Tar Heel State. 

XP001: Ken, we hear you guys are doing all kinds of great things for your local members to help them prepare for the big one. What kinds of activities is Z.E.R.T. organizing for your local squadron?

Z16426: We run a full schedule of meet and greets, all with focus on different skills, and range days. We try to do two events per month. 

Topics have included: shooting drills/range time (stress drills and buddy tactics), medical, comms, patrolling and CQB, convoy operations as well as fighting from inside a vehicle, land-nav and map reading, combatives/hand-to-hand, bugout gear, water filtration, alternative power sources and even diplomacy/mediation.  

We have even established our own check-in/comms/SOI protocols for "zombie" events to keep track of our NC personnel and to assist if needed in hurricanes, and snow/ice events, as well the recent COVid-19 event.

XP001: What motivates you guys to run these events? 

Z16426: What motivates me and the other admins is not just maintaining and improving our own skill-sets/training/preps, but to help and teach other likeminded individuals and grow a community network. We want to be ready to assist each other in being prepared for whatever zombie (SHTF) events that may occur.

XP001: So, what’s in the pipeline for the rest of 2020?

Z16426: The COVID-10 lockdown has changed lots of things – including our NC squadron plans. Once the NC stay at home order is lifted, we plan to start up our un-official range days with a two-gun match.  

Our cancelled May mock-bug-out will become our fall event, which we now plan to hold in September. This will cover a variety of topics/instructional blocks to be held over four days. We're also planning another, shorter mock bug-out event in January 2021; we do two of these events a year.


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